Thursday, May 20, 2010

Annabelle Eye Shadow Pans

Annabelle Cosmetics is one of those brands that I think is only Canadian. It can be found at: Wal Mart, London Drugs, and some Pharmasaves. Here are some advantages to it:
  1. Highly Pigmented (I have them in a MAC 15 palette and I honestly can't tell a difference in quality beside a similar MAC color)
  2. They fit in MAC palettes! (It's perfect, since I love the 15 palettes (I need more than a quad!)) 
  3. Good staying power (I haven't tried them without a base, but with UDPP, Paint Pots, Shadesticks, Jumbo, etc. etc. they last.)
  4. Price!!!! (duh! They're 3.36 a piece at walmart, that's almost $10 less than MAC!) 
  5. Their quad palettes are more sturdy than MAC.
Now the disadvantages...
  1. They're not sold everywhere.
  2. They only have 16 colors (you could buy the entire collection for less than $55)
  3. No 15 palette :( only quads. I guess that's because of their limited collection
Your choice: They have fun designs (It's more fun to look at, but MAC ones are more streamlined)

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