Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Olive Oil: Beauty Essential

I love using seemingly unconventional things I have lying around the house for skin care routines, I mean, if I can just use something in my kitchen, how awesome is that and not have to buy something else??

So I stared using extra virgin olive oil to remove my eye makeup, my eye makeup remover was getting low and I realized how convenient it was for travelling so I started to look for other eye makeup removers to replace it. Then I came across this little amazing device.

  1. It's super soft
  2. It gets the job done! It's great for removing mascara and it gets off all my eyeshadow/liner in a pinch, I haven't used it yet for waterproof mascara but I'll update once I have.
  3. You already have it (probably)
So, this is officially my eye makeup remover source, and I've managed to avoid funny looks since I tend to go to bed after people and I'm living in a house now, NOT an apartment, so you know, it's a different level of the house that I go to. And my fiance must just be really non-observant, because I had the olive oil sitting on the bathroom counter for a week back at our apartment and he didn't say anything, boys.

So it's an eye makeup remover....what about the rest of my face?

Oh yeah, I started using it on the rest of my face.

Basically, it's the first step of my routine, I just put a little bit on a folded tissue, take off my eye makeup remover and then turn the tissue around put a little bit more on and take off the makeup on my cheeks and forehead (not the oily parts of my face!) and then I cleanse, tone, and moisturize.

It is seriously doing WONDERS. I don't know if it's the olive oil or the toner or a combination of both, but I'm going to give credit to both since I've had a love-hate relationship with toner and this keeps my skin non-blotchy and really nice looking, plus I use them on different parts of my face so I think each can credit separately.

Anyways, if you're prone to breakouts, this is probably a BAD idea, but if you're not too prone, like me, this has done wonders for keeping my skin soft and smooth.

Just another home remedy from a 21-year old. But this seems like something your grandma would have done...


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