Monday, October 11, 2010

Shopping List: For The Office

The Shopping List: A new feature for my blog for a shopping list for items for a certain occasion/part of your life.

THE OFFICE: Where your appearance matters.

  1. A good black suit -- pants or skirt (your choice, I find skirts much more wearable), this will look great for...
    1. Wearing as a set
    2. Wearing each piece individually with another
  2. A good other-colored suit
    1. Gray
    2. Brown
    3. Navy
    4. Pinstripe
  3. 3 individual jackets/blazers
  4. 4 Bottoms (Skirts or Pants, you decide!)
    1. Gray
    2. Black x2
    3. Brown
  5. Good quality dress shirts (think Brooks Brothers)
    1. White
    2. Blue
    3. Black
    4. Another fun color (Twilight Blue?! YES PLEASE)
  6. Good quality blouses
  1. Black pumps
  2. Beige pumps
  1. Keep it simple! Think: studs, pearls, simple necklaces, don't think: chunky bracelets, dangly earrings.
What to avoid....
  1. Low cut anything
  2. Brand Labels showing (it's a tell tale sign you shouldn't wear it to the office)

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